Adult Day Health Programs help seniors and younger adults with disabilities stay mentally and physically active and on track with their wellness.   ADH Programs support independent living and community connections.  Members spend the day in a friendly and caring community, with access to high quality health services and monitoring, while enjoying enriching activities and social programs, and then head back to the comforts of home each evening.  Adult Day Health (ADH) services are funded by the state and other insurance providers or privately.  ADH Programs benefit caregivers by enabling them to remain in the workforce and receive respite, education, and support groups.

About the Massachusetts Adult Day Services Association: MADSA is a well-respected and influential non-profit membership organization with a 40-year history of outstanding representation of Adult Day Health (ADH) programs all across the Commonwealth. Our mission is to promote and support the development of high quality ADH services. MADSA is the trusted leader in the field of ADH services and we currently represent 105 of the 134 programs in the state. MADSA has been highly successful in advocating on behalf of ADH programs, participants, and families, and for adequate reimbursement and fair regulatory policies. We provide members timely and vital information, technical assistance, knowledge, and training opportunities to help them meet their day-to-day challenges and fulfill their long-term goals.  MADSA is your eyes, ears, and voice on the fast-moving and ever-changing issues that face the ADH Services. We are affiliated with the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA).

Testimonial: “My mother loves the adult day health program and her new friends.  She wants to share everything and feels energized when she returns home. It’s like having a new family.  The program has given her a new purpose and makes her happy.” – Mary, daughter of an adult day health program participant

The MADSA difference when choosing an ADH Program:

MADSA member ADH Programs must be licensed by the Department of Public Health and agree to abide by a Code of Ethics, which include, but are not limited to: Upholding the highest levels of quality care and complying with all applicable regulatory requirements. Member programs shall also recognize and respect the rights,  dignity, and individuality of all participants and maintain participant confidentiality and shall not discriminate in the provision of  services. MADSA-member ADH Programs and their owners and managers shall maintain high standards of personal and professional conduct both in connection with the adult day health services and in general.  MADSA works to continually enhance ADH services by promoting and supporting best practices.

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