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JOIN TODAY! All MADSA members benefit from our ability to work together as one cohesive Association to ensure that Adult Day Services remain an option of choice for our seniors and people with disabilities who need day health care services. MADSA is a member of the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) and provides members with both state and national updates and information.

MADSA has 2 types of membership: Associate members and Provider members.

Provider Members (click for list) Application Form

Provider Members provide Adult Day Services and include pre-licensed, newly licensed and established centers. Membership Dues is based on state licensed capacity – combined for all Adult Day Health programs in your company. Members must fill out the Membership Form, detailing the requested information for each of your facilities.

Annual Dues for the membership year September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2016

* Dues calculation is based on State Licensed Capacity combined for ALL centers within your agency.

How to Apply

Dues calculation*Amount Due
0 – 24$1,200
25 – 29$1,800
40 – 59$2,300
60 – 85$2,800
86 – 110$3,300
111 – 135$3,700
136 – 175$4,100

Associate Members (click for list) Application Form

Associate Members do not provide Adult Day Services. Rather they are non-provider companies, individuals or organizations which offer goods, services or support to the Adult Day Services industry. See the 3 classifications for more explanation.

ASSOCIATE (NON-VOTING) ANNUAL DUES are based on Associate classification:

(1) Associations/Advocacy Groups – $500 Annual How to Apply
Community based long-term care organizations, associations, or networks not providing direct Adult Day Services. Groups advocating health care of individuals and caregivers. Examples: area agencies on aging, caregiver resource centers, regional centers, network associations, educational institutions, etc.

(2) Individual/Consultant – $200 Annual Dues How to Apply
Individual or Business offering start-up or operational consulting services to Adult Day Services providers; and individuals interested in supporting Adult Day Health. NOTE: Consultants who hold any of the following relationships with one or more Adult Day Services facilities must bring each such facility into membership before becoming eligible for Associate-Consultant membership: (1) any Stockholder or operating entity, (2) Administrator of Record, (3) Program Director of Record, (4) Employee.

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