LACC Holds a Ribbon Cutting for Pondview Lodge Adult Day Health

Pondview Lodge is an adult day health program designed to meet the physical, functional and social needs of elders and disabled adults living in the community. Pondview is owned and operated by Essex Group Management, a family and veteran-owned company located in Rowley. Our adult day health program is open Monday through Saturday 8AM-4PM, and is staffed with qualified, experienced licensed nurses, social workers, certified nurses assistants and activity coordinators The highly skilled staff are trained to provide individual assistance to each member. We are home to two day programs offering a traditional adult day health program and a program for people diagnosed with memory disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and the related disorders of aging. The adult day health environment features interesting, “failure free” activity programs which offer a focused approach to maintain health and maximize independence. Attending a supportive and therapeutic day program may assist individuals in remaining in the community and in their own homes. Darcey Adams, LICSW stated “Pondview Lodge has been physically and programmatically transformed in the past year and we invite the community to schedule a tour to learn about all the changes!”

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Village at Willow Crossing donates to Mansfield Adult Day Health Center

Posted Dec. 27, 2015 at 2:50 PM

A donation of $920 was presented by the Village at Willow Crossings to Mansfield Adult Day Health Center, a program of Community Visiting Nurse Association.
The funds were raised from the Village at Willow Crossings' annual Holiday Wreath Stroll held Dec. 4. To date, the Village at Willow Crossings has contributed over $6,300 to support the programs of Community Visiting Nurse Association.

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For family of dementia patients, adult day care can help

(Reuters Health) - Regularly using adult day care services for a family member with dementia may help reduce stress for caregivers, a new study suggests.

"Caring for someone with dementia often involves high levels of daily stress," Steven H. Zarit said. "This amount of stress exerts wear-and-tear on the body."

Zarit led the new study at The Pennsylvania State University in University Park.

Some researchers have thought that adult day care may actually increase stress, because of the extra effort of getting the person ready to go in the morning and transitioning back in the evening. But based on this and a previous study, that doesn't seem to be true, Zarit said. read more
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State elder affairs chief visits seniors in Fall River

FALL RIVER — Alice Bonner has been touring agencies caring for the elderly in various parts of the state. On Thursday, she stopped in Fall River for visits to Bristol Elder Services and Cornerstone Adult Day Health Center. Since taking over as secretary of the state’s Office of Elder Affairs at the beginning of June, Alice Bonner has been touring agencies caring for the elderly in various parts of the state. On Thursday, she stopped in Fall River for visits to Bristol Elder Services and Cornerstone Adult Day Health Center, a program of the Family Services Association. Read more
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Seniors Thrive in Adult Day Programs

By Andrea Gallagher

Years ago, after my grandmother died, my cousin came to live with my grandfather.

While Grandpa’s daughter shopped for him and did his laundry, his grandson Butchy lived with him and was in charge of keeping Grandpa “safe.” Grandpa had dementia, and his behaviors included fleeing the house in the middle of the night to the cemetery next door and leaving the gas stove on.

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Butchy was in the house to keep an eye on him, but most of Grandpa’s day was spent sitting in front of the television with little stimulation.

Butchy prepared meals, but given his limited culinary skills, TV dinners and canned soup were often on the menu.

However, even with his limitations, Butchy was a blessing because his presence delayed my grandfather’s placement in a nursing home.

In today’s society there aren’t many Butchys available to stay home and care for an aging loved one. And placement in a memory care facility can be prohibitively expensive.

Adult day care centers are designed for older adults who can no longer manage by themselves, or who are isolated and lonely. They enable seniors to socialize with others while still receiving needed care services. The senior spends the day and goes home to family at night.

Adult day care centers offer a host of benefits: (read on)

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