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Adult Day Health Programs (ADH) provide critical health care services to elders and adults with disabilities, including daily registered nursing care, chronic disease management, ongoing medical and preventative health care, case management, family support, and two meals – all for the base rate of $79.94 a day!

Adult Day Health Programs serve as gatekeepers to more expensive health care services, such as emergency room care and hospitalizations, and are extremely cost-effective, helping individuals avoid expensive premature nursing facility or institutional care. 

Adult Day Health Programs improve health care and save the state money. The average annual cost to MassHealth for a full year of ADH is only $19,170 compared to $72,270 for nursing home care. ADH saves the State $53,100 per person each year compared to nursing home care. Adult Day Health services are far less expensive for the state than home health care as well.

What Services Do Adult Day Health Programs Provide?
Each ADH program is unique, but all of these vital community-based health care programs provide a wide array of services including:
• Chronic Disease Management, Health Oversight, Care Coordination
• Skilled Services including nursing assessments, physician-ordered treatments, medication administration and management, blood draws and lab work, wound care, injections, etc.
• Physical, Occupational and Speech Stabilization Therapy
• Direct Care/Assistance with Activities of Daily Living and Hygiene
• Nutritional and Dietary Services: Two meals and snacks
• Rehabilitative and Preventive Care
• Case-management/Counseling
• Therapeutic Recreation designed to enhance cognitive ability and build physical strength
• Support and Education for participants, families, and caregivers

Who Benefits From Adult Day Health Services?
• 18,000 frail elders and adults with disabilities have historically participated in Massachusetts’ ADH programs each year. Medicaid and other state funders are the payors for approximately 70% of participants. Participants rely on ADH services in order to maintain community life while coping with a medical condition, debilitating illness, or a disease requiring careful monitoring and attention.

• More than half of ADH participants suffer from memory disorders, Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or have behavioral health needs. Without these services, many ADH participants would be at risk in the community and would require more expensive health care or institutional services. 

• ADH services provide major support for elderly spouses and working caregivers who are committed to helping elders remain at home for as long as possible, resulting in considerable savings to the state. 

What is the Massachusetts Adult Day Services Association (MADSA)?
MADSA is a well-respected membership organization with a 40 year history of outstanding representation of ADH programs all across the Commonwealth. MADSA currently represents 110 of the 130 ADH programs in the state. MADSA’s mission is to promote and support the development of high quality ADH services. MADSA provides education and training opportunities and seeks to enhance ADH services by promoting best practices. MADSA is affiliated with the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA).

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